Vital Aspects You Should Know Before Undergoing Nose Surgery


The operation known as a “nose job” involves altering the nose’s size and form. It might be done in conjunction with a chin contouring procedure or a septoplasty. What you need to understand right away is that, for obvious cosmetic reasons, a specific psychological balance is necessary before moving further with surgery.

What Procedure Does The Qualified Surgeon Performs On You?

The procedure must be chosen carefully because it drastically alters face look. The surgeon will utilize images from previous cases to help the patient get acclimated to the change.

A qualified surgeon can perform the following procedures with the aid of a nose job:

  • Removing nose bumps
  • Lower or Raise nose tip, (เสริม จมูก ปลาย พุ่ง, which is the term in Thai)
  • Narrowing the Nose Tip
  • Reducing the Length, Width, and Height of the Nose
  • Remodeling the Nostrils
  • Correcting conditions like nasal septum Deviation
  • Remodeling or reconstructing the nose after tumor or trauma.

The nose job procedure is a form of cosmetic surgery that often has a significant influence on physiognomy and necessitates an adjustment time. Even with slight adjustments, the new appearance can worsen severe complexes along with improving one’s self-image.

How Long Do You Have To Be Hospitalized?

Hospitalization is anticipated to last 48 hours. The patient would be heavily sedated the whole while the procedure would be carried out under general anesthesia. At the conclusion of the procedure, the mucosa would also be corrected. Additionally, at this time, specialized tables have been positioned inside the nose to treat the wounds. In certain circumstances, silicone tubes are utilized to hold the nasal septum in position so that breathing may resume normally. They would stay in place for 4 days. Additionally, a plaster splint would be applied for 10 days.

Are There Any Problems Involved?

The fact that less than 1{9a19486853dc7c0bb51478c05a8eac267cb52504173f712ef60c0923011d3759} of surgeries result in problems, such as outcomes that don’t meet the patient’s initial needs, tissue ablation, persistent deviation or blockage of the nose, and breathing discomfort, is crucial to understand. A second intervention shouldn’t be carried out until sometime has elapsed because defects are typically discovered two months following surgery.

Patients will begin to feel the ultimate effects six months to a year following the procedure. If you suffer issues, don’t be afraid to get in touch with the surgeon since he can provide you the right advice.

To Sum It Up

When it comes to undergoing a cosmetic nose surgery, it would be vital that you should have the best surgeon at your behest. Do not compromise on the surgery or finding a reliable surgeon in any manner whatsoever.

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