5 scenarios where general dentistry can help you


Dentistry has made it so easy for people around to maintain oral health. With advancements in this sector, keeping the teeth right and gums tight has become easier. Further, the branch is divided into general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.

From these 3 branches, general dentistry covers dental treatments that do not involve surgery. Any dentist, including the orthodontist, can provide the services as and when the patients demand.

5 treatments that fall under general dentistry are:

  1. Fillings: This treatment is generally used to fill in the dental cement in dental structures after cleaning out the cavities or decay in the tooth.
  2. Root Canals: The treatment is about removing the infected tissues from the roots, protecting them with antibacterial, and capping the tooth for preservation.
  3. Tooth extractions: This is mainly used to eradicate the tooth that is decayed or injured. General dentistry also covers the surgical removal of wisdom teeth.
  4. Crowns: This is about covering the upside of the tooth with a protective material to protect the severely damaged tooth and prevent the further spread of cavities.
  5. Dentures: The treatment is about fixing the fake tooth, which takes the place of a completely damaged or missing tooth in the jaw.

Concluding note:

Though general dentistry is about some simple processes that take no time and are done quickly high level of concentration and detail is necessary. Therefore it becomes essential to visit a professional from Horton Family Dental, who treats every treatment similarly.

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