Lip Filler Aftercare: Simple Guidelines For A Speedy Recovery


A variety of lip injections are available, but the care you need after lip surgery is the most significant. The purpose of lip surgery is to make the lips enhanced. It creates a less pronounced lip size that looks more natural and proportionate. The surgeon will make tiny incisions in the lip creases and remove fat and skin to make the lips smaller. The painless procedure takes only about an hour or two to complete under local anesthesia. Here are some proven tips for lip surgery (วิธี ดูแล หลัง ทํา ปากกระจับ, which is the term in Thai) to make your recovery faster.

Using Ice and Stay Hydrated

After surgery, apply ice cubes in a soft cloth to your lips to reduce swelling and pain. It will help to subside the redness and swelling. Wrapping the ice in a cloth will prevent it from melting all over your tongue and gums.

Another vital thing after your surgery- staying hydrated to heal your body. However, you should avoid using a straw when drinking.

Care for Your Wounds and Maintain Hygiene

After lip lift surgery, you must take extra precautions with your wound and hygiene to reduce the chance of infection. After eating, you should rinse their mouths thoroughly and gently brush their teeth with a little toothbrush. Use Vaseline to keep your lips from drying out and cracking.

Get on a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating well after surgery can help keep your body healthy and boost your healing process. The physician recommended a diet high in complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables.

If you want the best possible results from your lip reduction surgery, you should avoid cigarettes and drinking alcohol for at least a few weeks.

Avoid Makeup and Lip Massaging

You should avoid cosmetics for at least 48 hours after surgery. Applying makeup near an injection site increases the risk of infection.

Moreover, you should never rub your lips for at least 24 hours. Bruising or soreness can also result from excessively touching the lips.

Appointments with the Surgeon for Aftercare

Some people want to enhance the look of their lips to make it more beautiful. So, to successfully recover from a lip lift, you must schedule regular follow-up sessions with your surgeon. Your surgeon can check your recovery status and resolve any issues during the appointments. You must stay in constant communication with your surgeon. Also, you should attend all of your follow-up appointments.

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