The Most Common Types Of Orthodontic Treatments You Must Know About


Teeth play a significant role in our day-to-day life. Their role is prominent, from chewing food to maintaining an exemplary structure of our faces. However, many people have issues like teeth crowding, crossbites, spacing, improper bites impacted teeth, and inappropriate tooth eruption. Orthodontic treatments can cure these oral deformities with the help of some orthodontic treatments. There are different types of treatments that you can get. You can go for either one of them as per your preference. This orthodontic review (รีวิวจัดฟัน, which is the term in Thai) will cover other kinds of orthodontic treatments you can get for your oral deformities.

4 Types Of Orthodontist Treatments You Can Get

Let us now have a glance at this informative piece about different types of treatments for your teeth:


Talking about braces, this category alone has got several options that we are going to read about:

  • Metal braces: these are the most utilized option because of their affordability. Brackets and wires made up of metal are fitted on the teeth to provide pressure and move them.
  • Lingual braces: this treatment may not be suitable for those with a severe issue. They are put on the inner side of the bite and hence are not visible from the front. They are pretty similar to metal ones.
  • Self-ligating braces: these are less painful and significantly functional types of treatment. They are starting to be used more by the experts than the other braces.


It is a more accessible yet expensive type of treatment. Invisible, transparent aligners are put on the teeth. They are easily removable, being the most user-friendly type of orthodontic treatment.


It is an uneasy option since you cannot do other activities while wearing headgear. The front teeth are treated to rectify the back teeth’ position. It should only be worn as per the instructions of an orthodontist.


They are usually done at the final step of the treatment. They can be easily removable or not. Their job is to hold the teeth while bones and gums are moved to a new place.

Wrapping Up!

So these were the most common type of orthodontist treatments that are used to treat any tooth deformities. If you are willing to get a treatment, you can go for either of these options but asking the doctor first is what we would finally advise. We hope we have provided the information you need.

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