How Do You Open Your Eyes With Epicanthic Fold


Epicanthic fold, also known as monolid eyes, is primarily found in people of Asian descent. Because of genetic conditions, many people are seen with such disorders. In the Epicanthic fold, the upper eyelid of the person covers the inner part of the eyes. However, Monolids appear to be smaller because of the absence of a fold that separates eyelids into two parts. The gap between the upper as well as lower eyelid decreases when the person suffers from an Epicanthic fold, and you feels it problematic to open your eyes ( เปิดหัวตา, which is the term in Thai) with Epicanthic Fold.

The monolid fold is harmless. There is no requirement for any treatment. If anyone wants to get rid of it, then below are a few options they can use. They are as follows:

Apply makeup

By applying makeup, you can treat you’re your monolid problem. There are several makeup artists you will find in your place that can quickly solve your problem. They know what type of makeup will make your eyes appear prominent. Several trips and tick you will find from makeup artist to make your eyes look more beautiful. Apply bright colour eyeshadow is the best option to solve this problem.

Monolid surgery

Another solution to this problem is monolid surgery. Those who want to solve the monolid problem permanently and enjoy more extensive and beautiful eyes can choose plastic surgery. However, in all the places, you will not find the hospital that makes double eyelids. But in Asia, I can be created easily.

Use sticky object

To overcome the problem of monolid, you can use sticky objects like glue or tape that create creases in your eyelid. However, this is the temporary solution to your problem. But before using such type of object, make sure to consult with your healthcare provider.

Common causes of epicanthic fold

Because of genetics, a person takes birth with the epicanthic fold. This is very common for Asian descent people. The person who takes birth with fetal alcohol syndrome also faces epicanthic fold issues. This disorder takes place when the couple takes drinks during pregnancy time. So, it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol to save your kid from such a problem.


Monolid is nothing. It just makes the appearance of humans a little bit different. It mainly occurs due to genetic conditions but sometimes also due to medical conditions. Moreover, it does not affect the vision of the person. So you don’t have to worry to open your eyes. Those who don’t like epicanthic fold can use adhesive or makeup.

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